Treatment for Chronic Pain!

Physical therapy approach is very important in treatment of chronic pain. Doctors usually prefer conservative approach before prescribing medication or injections. Physical therapy approach is directed towards patient’s needs and goals. PT program helps in increasing strength and flexibility along with decreasing pain. Patient are sometimes reluctant to enroll in PT program as they are in a lot of pain and physical therapy treatment takes some time to relieve the pain.

PT techniques include hot or cold applications, positioning, stretching exercises, traction, massage, ultrasound therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and manipulations. TENS has been proved to have beneficial effect on pain. Heat, massage and stretching techniques are beneficial for relieving muscle contraction and thus, relieving pain. In PT program, we focus on the weak areas or stiff areas that maybe adding stress and pain to an already painful area.

To treat chronic pain, low impact aerobic training, strengthening exercises and pain relief exercises are important. Low impact aerobic training helps in moving joints and moving tissues without putting undue stress on your joints or pain area like riding a stationary bike at a low speed. Strengthening exercises like lifting weights or resistance bands can help strengthen the muscles around the area of pain. Pain relief exercises move the pain area and make it more flexible and stronger so the patient has ease of movement with less to minimal pain. Stretching also helps a lot with releasing muscle contractions and reducing pain.

Treatment for Chronic Pain can also be relieved with hot and cold pack. Cold pack reduces inflammation and hot pack relaxes muscle tension. Massage is helpful and releasing tense muscles and tissues and increasing blood circulation. TENS and ultrasound are helpful in relieving pain by blocking the pain pathway that sends pain signals to your brain.

PT program is sometimes tough to go through during pain but it has long term effects. Reboot Physical Therapist will make sure you don’t have to go through a lot of pain or discomfort. Moving an already affected area causes pain, but it will help in the future.

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