Shoulder joint and pain

Shoulder complex:

   Shoulder joint is a very complex area as it has a lot of muscles working around it and a lot of nerves passing through it as well. There is shoulder joint, scapulo-humeral joint, acromio-clavicular joint to make an entire shoulder complex. There are also so many muscles working because the muscles connect the neck to the shoulder, the shoulder to your upper back, the rotator cuff muscles moving mostly the shoulder as a whole, muscles connecting the scapula to the thoracic spine and so on. 


So, just look at the joint and the number of muscles surrounding it. If any of these muscles get injured or goes through even a minor tear, it can be very painful.

    Shoulder pain can have a lot of different diagnosis like adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear, impingement syndrome, bicipital tendinitis and a lot more. 

   Every diagnosis has a different treatment. Not all treatment are same. Some can be taken care of with physical therapy and some need some interventions. 

  If you think that your pain is very severe and hindering you in your daily activities then always consult your doctor and don't try to do exercises at home without consulting because sometimes doing exercises the wrong way might aggravate your pain.

  Shouder pain can be accompanied with other symptoms as well such as pain only on particular movements, pain while sleeping on the injured shoulder, radiating pain, sharp shooting pain, etc. So always let the physical therapist know the exact symptoms you are having so that they can help you alleviate your pain.


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