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Endurance is defined as the ability to work for prolonged period of time and resist fatigue. Endurance is important in sports like running, swimming, biking and triathlons. To achieve improvement in endurance sports injury rehabilitation, athlete needs to improve physical therapy with aerobic exercise program. Physical Therapy program, in simple terms, improves your cardiovascular capacity and muscular body pain capacity, lowerback pain treatment and Sprains Strains and other soft –Tissues Injuries to prolong the work. The body of the athlete starts adapting to the prolonged period of exercises to complete the event. Training depends on the sport played by the athlete. Endurance of an athlete is measured by VO2Max (maximum oxygen consumption) of an athlete. The higher the VO2 Max, better the capacity of an athlete to perform endurance sports that include functioning of large muscle groups of the body for prolonged period of time.

Usually, an activity with sub maximum intensity for 20-30 minutes develops Physical Therapist system and improves endurance. The exercise program depends on the intensity, the duration, the frequency and the mode of the exercises. Every aerobic exercise program should have these three components in training:
1. Warm-Up period
2. Aerobic exercise period
3. Cool-Down period

Warm-up period is important to raise the muscle temperature and prepare your body for higher level of training. Warm-up period prevents muscle injuries, shoulder arm and wrist pain injuries and any occurrence of ischemic changes and arrhythmia. Warm-up period should be of about 10 minutes including slow walking and total body movements without causing any fatigue.

Physical Therapy System can be performed in different ways like continuous training, interval training, circuit training or circuit-interval training. All these methods challenge the Therapy system of your body where the large group of muscles trains to work for longer periods and then the slow-twitch muscle fibers come into action to prolong your workout. Therapy training should stimulate the cardiac output, enhance the local circulation and stimulate aerobic metabolism of the required or working muscle group. The duration of the exercise program should be within athlete’s tolerance but above the threshold level for adaptation to occur.
Cool-down period is necessary to prevent fainting, pooling of the blood, maintain proper venous return and avoid ischemia and arrhythmia. Cool-down period should be about 10 minutes including different stretches and calisthenics.

Physical Therapy exercises bring about changes in the athletes cardiovascular system, respiratory system, metabolic system and muscular system. It helps reduce body fat, triglyceride level and help increase strength of bones, ligaments and tensile strength of tendons.

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