Chronic Back Pain and it’s Treatment

Chronic back pain can be of two types: Pain with identifiable cause and pain with no identifiable cause. Chronic low back pain with identifiable cause is like in conditions with spinal stenosis, disc herniation, any kind of trauma or injury, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease and can be treated for the same. If these conditions cause pain for more than 5-6 months, spinal surgery is suggested. Chronic low back pain caused by no identifiable cause is the type of pain that continues even after the damaged tissue is healed. This pain is caused because of nerve path sending pain signals even after the tissue is healed. In this type of pain, the nervous system misfires and creates pain. Chronic pain is any pain that lasts more than three to six months.

Chronic pain is very subjective and only the person experiencing it will be able to define it. There are many techniques to move your attention from the chronic pain. Patient can initially try physical therapy treatment which would include exercises depending on the diagnosis of the pain. Reboot Physical therapist will guide you through the stretching and strengthening exercises required for the pain relief. They will also guide you through the activities to be avoided and home exercise programs. They will also incorporate some modalities for pain relief in your treatment. Patient should always undergo a thorough medical evaluation for pain diagnosis before starting any treatment.

Other forms of treatment for chronic pain are pain medications prescribed by the physician. It should be taken only per the doctor’s prescription. Patient can also go through relaxation training like meditation and deep breathing training. Biofeedback is also very helpful for pain control. Patient is supposed to learn how to control muscle tension and breathing together with the help of a professional. Once the patient learns to control pain with the machine, they can gradually progress to doing so without it. Lastly, distraction techniques also help in reducing pain. Patient should try to concentrate on positive thoughts and pleasant paintings or music to distract themselves from the negative feeling of pain.

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