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Shoulder joint and pain

Shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joint in our human body but it is also the most susceptible joint to injury as it does not have much support to keep the joint stable. Let's see what makes the shoulder painful so often.

Oct 24th, 2019
Physical Therapy and Physical Fitness

Physical therapy can improve an individual’s physical fitness level to a great extent while treating the diagnosis. Physical fitness is very important in an individual’s life. Physical therapy is helpful in improving all aspects of physical fitness.

Apr 26th, 2017
Elbow Pain and Rehabilitation

Elbow pain is really nagging and bothering kind of pain. Whatever work we perform, somewhere or the other elbow is involved which causes pain. Sometimes even a little movement is painful. There are a lot of reasons for elbow pain.

Dec 28th, 2016
Sprains Strains and Other Soft-Tissue Injuries

Let’s talk about most common knee injuries associated with the sports. Knee is most commonly injured joint in high intensity sports like soccer, football, basketball, and gymnastics and even in runners.

Oct 21st, 2016
Sciatic Nerve Pain!

Sciatica is a medical term used to describe symptoms of leg pain, numbness and tingling travelling from the low back through sciatic nerve to the back of the leg and sometimes even the foot is involved.

Sep 26th, 2016
Treatment for Chronic Pain!

Physical therapy approach is very important in treatment of chronic pain. Doctors usually prefer conservative approach before prescribing medication or injections.

Sep 12th, 2016
Chronic Pain and its Theories

Chronic pain treatment treatment is defined as persistent pain that lasts beyond the expected time frame for tissue healing. Chronic pain can be categorized where the pain lasts for more than 6 months.

Aug 29th, 2016
Rehabilitation for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder treatment is started according to the stage when the patient comes to you. The treatment usually has phases to go step by step to achieve back to normal functional activities.

Aug 8th, 2016
Reboot – Physical Therapist Ramsey NJ

Endurance is defined as the ability to work for prolonged period of time and resist fatigue. Endurance is important in sports like running, swimming, biking and triathlons. To achieve improvement in endurance sports injury rehabilitation, athlete needs to

Apr 21st, 2016