About Priyanka Pandya, MS, PT

Priyanka Pandya, MS, PT, is a highly trained, licensed physical therapist certified in several manual therapies, including cupping, Kinesio taping, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. At Reboot Physical Therapy in Ramsey, New Jersey, Priyanka is dedicated to helping patients of all ages and backgrounds return to a pain-free life. 

Before graduating from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, with a master’s degree in exercise physiology, Priyanka earned a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and worked in a cardiac unit in India. After finishing her master’s degree, Priyanka moved to New York, where she gained valuable experience working in the rehabilitation department at Long Island Jewish Medical Center as well as an outpatient rehabilitation facility. 

Priyanka has expertise in treating all types of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. An athlete herself, Priyanka has personal knowledge of injuries related to exercise and the nonsurgical and nonpharmacologic methods of treating them. She also works with older adults on important issues like fall prevention and managing arthritis pain. 



Accepted Insurances

Our staff will verify your Physical Therapy Insurance benefits at/prior to your first visit. We will provide your plan details, including deductibles, co-insurance responsibility any exclusions by your insurance. Please remember that verification of benefits does not guarantee payments of claims to the provider. We believe that patients should have a complete understanding of their insurance plan.

Horizon BCBS

Shoulder joint and pain

Shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joint in our human body but it is also the most susceptible joint to injury as it does not have much support to keep the joint stable. Let's see what makes the shoulder painful so often.

Physical Therapy and Physical Fitness

Physical therapy can improve an individual’s physical fitness level to a great extent while treating the diagnosis. Physical fitness is very important in an individual’s life. Physical therapy is helpful in improving all aspects of physical fitness.

Elbow Pain and Rehabilitation

Elbow pain is really nagging and bothering kind of pain. Whatever work we perform, somewhere or the other elbow is involved which causes pain. Sometimes even a little movement is painful. There are a lot of reasons for elbow pain.

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