Resistance Exercise for Improvement of Muscle Performance

Resistance exercises are very important for the improvement of overall muscle performance. Muscle performance is the capacity of the muscle to do work. Muscle performance depends on a lot of factors like genetic make-up of the muscle, biochemical and biomechanical influences, cardiovascular, metabolic, cognitive, respiratory and emotional function. Patient’s muscles has to regulate, sustain and produce muscle tension to meet the body’s demands. Muscle performance depends on endurance, power and strength.

Any disease, disorder, injury, immobilization can hamper the muscle performance and thus, to get back the normal muscle performance, resistive exercises are important. Resistance exercise is any form of active exercise in which dynamic or static muscle contraction is resisted by an outside force applied manually or mechanically. Resistance exercise are very important in rehabilitation protocol & shoulder arm and wrist pain diagnosis treatment to restore muscle performance and for conditioning exercises.

Muscle strength is the ability of the contractile tissue to produce tension and a resultant force to meet the demands placed on the muscles. Muscle power is the rate of performing work. Muscle endurance is the ability to perform low-intensity, repetitive or sustained activities over a prolonged period of time.

The benefits of resistance training include enhanced muscle performance, increased strength of connective tissues, sciatica pain treatment, lowerback pain treatment, decreased stress on the joints, greater bone mineral density, reduced risk of soft tissue injury, enhanced physical performance in daily living, enhanced feeling of well-being, possible improvement in balance.